HPI Front Mount Intercooler Kit Evolve Hi-Spec – CT9A Lancer Evolution VIII

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Brand: HPI Product: Front Mount Intercooler Kit Evolve Hi-Spec Part Num: HPICE-7CT9A8 SPECIFICATIONS: Type: 2 Layers 720mm Includes: -Intercooler Core -Cleaner -Silicone Hose (New Black Version) -Spring Clamp Hose Bands -Aluminum Piping -Short Parts FEATURES: Tested & Proved in D1 Grand Prix, Rally & Time attack. – V type top & bottom plate insure a highly durable structure. – Inner aluminum wave pattern fins. – Lightweight aluminum core (1kg lighter than STD Spec) – Direct heat dispersal, all the way from turbine exit to throttle entrance. – Outer louver fins – Anti-rust coating – Lightweight side tank (with a smooth polished surface). PRODUCT NOTES: -Battery will need to be changed to a smaller unit such as 40B19L