Carbing Aluminum Air Intake Suction Kit FR-S BRZ


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Carbing Aluminum Air Intake Suction Kit Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ By eliminating the expansion and contraction of the rubber intake hsoe that occurs when accelerator ON / OFF either from rubber genuine change in pipe aluminum. This kit increases accelerator linear response during acceleration or when moving off idle.· There is an advantage that by preventing the body to improve the durability of the suction pipe, inherent in genuine, the crack of the hose, the less the exchange cycle. Uses vivid blue color hose connectors. It is the best for the dress-up of the engine room. · By changing the shape bend, you can reduce the intake resistance, I also helped in the response up. Silicon hose with excellent durability. Trade-in-mounting is possible with the hose genuine unmodified. Special order item. Lead time may vary. PN: CA 286 055 0