BLITZ Intercooler Kit SE – BE5 BH5

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Brand: BLITZ Product: Intercooler Kit SE – BE5 BH5 Part Num: 23112 SPECIFICATIONS: Core Model: JS (2-Layers Type) Core Type: Tube Type Core Size: 266 x 610 x 68mm Fin Shape: Offset Inner Fin Core Coating: N/A Pipe works: Polish Side Tanks: Polish Joint Pipes: Silicone 3 ply Hose Band: Stainless Steel PRODUCT NOTES: – Recommended to be used with SUS Power Air Cleaner COMPATIBILITY NOTES: – Not compatible with OEM Air Cleaner Case, Advance Power or Sonic Power Blitz Kits FEATURES: – A new standard of intercooler kit, SE (Standard edition). – High balance of reasonable price with high performance. – Aluminum pipes are fully polished. (Excludes some applications/parts.) – Heat resistant, highly durable blue silicone hoses are used to join the pipes. – Less bend and aluminum construction for light and minimal pressure loss.

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