tomei cam gear(in/ex) for cefiro a31 rb20de/rb20det pulley

Part Number: 152009/152010


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Parts Cam Gear(IN/EX)
Part No. 152009/152010
Vehicle Make NISSAN
Vehicle CEFIRO
Model A31
Engine Type RB20DE/RB20DET
Remark Sliding cam pulley
Pulley Type Intake pulley x 1/Exhaust pulley x 1
Inner Plate Material Duralumin
Gear Material Duralumin


Tomei cam pulleys and gears are made from duralumin and steel material for lightweight and strength. Tomei cam gears use a sliding system to adjust crank angle. Each notch equals 2 crank degrees with 10 notches on either side of TDC, giving a total of 40 degrees in adjustment.

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