tomei poncam (in) fairlady z z33 vq35de up to 2005/9 mt / at 256 deg

Part Number: 143063


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Part No. 143063
Vehicle Make NISSAN
Model Z33
Engine Type VQ35DE
Year Up to 2005/9
Remark MT / AT
Duration 256 Deg
Max Cam Lift (mm) 10.2mm
Max Valve Lift 9.9mm / 9.87mm
Cold Valve Clearance[?}0.01] 0.3mm / 0.33mm
Valve Timing Centreline 125 Deg / 112 Deg
Remark Upgrading the valve springs is required when using camshafts with cam lift greater than 11.0mm (sold separately). When using camshafts with cam lift greater than 11.0mm on the intake side there is a chance that the valves can come into contact with the piston when the eVTC advances the timing. In this case it is highly recommended to recess the pistons to guarantee adequate clearance. Example: The standard advance amount with the stock head and stock pistons with the eVTC will require approximately 1mm valve recess on the piston.
Remark Complete set of four camshafts


Tomei Poncam camshafts are designed as a "drop in application". No dialling-in is required as the cam pulley pin has been preset so the cam timing is already fixed. No valve spring upgrades are required, making Poncams the cheapest and best upgrade for both street and track use. Poncams are set to operate on the OEM ECU settings, but can also be used with an aftermarket ECU if you want more customized tuning.

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