trust greddy cat straight pipe for toyota 86 dba-zn6 2012/4- fa20

Part Number: 10510604

Trust Greddy

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Part Name GReddy Cat Straight Pipe
Part No. 10510604
Vehicle Make TOYOTA
Vehicle 86
Model DBA-ZN6
Year 2012/4-
Engine Type FA20
Remark Will fit all grades
Material Stainless steel SUS construction
Remark Has mounting ports for the OEM exhaust sensors
Remark Please check for legality in your country as the catalytic convertor has been removed.


The removal of the 1st catalytic convertor will allow your engine to breathe hot exhaust gases more efficiently which will increase horsepower at almost any RPM range. The Greddy straight through cat pipe is for vehicles fitted with a GReddy T518Z turbo kit. This can also be used to make a Greddy sports catalyser exhaust manifold a straight through set up. The cat pipe has attachments welded to the pipe to install the OEM exhaust sensors.

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