Defi ADVANCE BF Intake Manifold Pressure White Face -100kPa to +20kPa

Part Number: DF10101


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Maker Defi
Part Name ADVANCE BF Intake Manifold Pressure
Part No. DF10101
Vehicle Make UNIVERSAL
Remark Intake manifold pressure gauge
Remark White face
Gauge Size 60mm gauge
Display Range -100kPa to +20kPa
Kit Contents Comes with gauge holder, sensor and wiring required for installation


This meter is designed especially to measure internal manifold pressure on a NA engine. This differs to a standard vacuum meter in the way that it not only measures vacuum under load, it also measures the true vacuum scale. This means that the inertia from a run wind (RAM pressure) can also be measured. When a NA vehicle is in full throttle it becomes 0 kpa and will change into an open air state. With accelerator function, the needle will move instantly giving you an indication to engine response and economic driving.

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