tomei ej timing belt guide subaru universal ej20# billet aluminium

Part Number: 191263


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Parts EJ Timing Belt Guide
Part No. 191263
Vehicle Make SUBARU
Engine Type EJ20#
Material Billet aluminium
Contents 1 x belt guide / 2 x bolts


Horizontally opposed engines combust structurally at 180 degrees, increasing the chances of the camshafts not performing at their maximum lift. Because of this, installing high lift camshafts in these engines may create unnecessary belt vibration leading to the pulley spinning off the rotating assembly. Without the pulley in its rightful place, the valves and the pistons are guaranteed to make contact in this situation. Subaru had created a component to eliminate this costly damage, called the belt guide. However, this belt guide is constructed from thin sheet metal which lacks strength and rigidity with overall attributes that simply cannot securely maintain the belt and pulley at times. Tomei Powered has constructed a beefy belt guide cut straight from aluminium with an extended length to securely apply more tension to the timing belt. This product comes in handy when immediate changes in torque are experienced by the engine, eliminating belt whip. The anodized surface creates a smooth and precise belt track as well.

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